High Performance Coaching & Leadership - Level 2

Next Available Event:
– 4-8 September 2019 (Adelaide)

(Prerequisite: NLC Quantum Coach Level 1)

During Quantum Coach Level 2 you will continue to build on the powerful tool kit you learned at level 1 where we dive deeper into advancements in quantum physics, neuroscience, cardio neurology, practical psychology and more.

By having a greater understanding around these topics you will understand how the tools taught during level 2 help create deeper changes and allow you to deal with more difficult situations such as self sabotage, low self worth, not feeling good enough plus more. You will also begin to understand how the quantum model of science affects a person’s ongoing success in both their personal and professional life and how you can help.

What you will learn:

  • Dealing with difficult mental and emotional patterns
  • Hypnotherapy and the fundamentals on how and when to use this with clients
  • How to use Quantum NLP (Neuro Linguistics) to create enhanced performance when working with clients
  • How to effectively set future goals and how the quantum model has destroyed old goal setting models.
  • Understanding challenges in relationships and tools to help grow a relationship
  • Discover your clients value systems with ease
  • Business growth – Creating a growth plan for your business, packaging programs, setting your business apart, creating online sales funnels, blogging and more

Some of the topics you will cover

  • Hypnotherapy – How to use hypnotherapy and when to use it to help clients
  • Neuro Linguistics – How to use powerful language tools to help your clients create change and when to use these tools
  • Consciousness as it relates to the quantum model so that you understand the links between a persons thoughts and how it affects their life circumstances
  • Life plans. How to work with a client to create a compelling future life plan for ongoing success, happiness and fulfillment