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What is Neuro-Limbic Conditioning?

Neuro-Limbic Conditioning is a unique coaching system developed by one of Australia’s most successful transformational coaches, The Mojo Master. It’s designed to specifically assist current coaches and those looking to become a coach. Paired with your innate desire to help others, NLC will offer a unique blend of coaching techniques to allow you to get the best results with your clients. The course also combines essential knowledge to building a successful coaching business to support you in both the practical and administrative sides of coaching. This is your amazing opportunity to learn the secrets of coaching as well as learn the most advanced coaching techniques on the planet. This course is suitable for existing coaches and those wanting to start their career in coaching.

Neuro-limbic Conditioning Conference

The 3 Levels of Coaching

Neuro-limbic Conditioning Level 1

Neuro Limbic Conditioning - Level 1

You will learn the science of how the mind and body work to produce memories, thoughts and emotions that keep people stuck in their old patterns and why clients who have these patterns reduce their chances of ongoing success, happiness and fulfillment in life. You will learn how to spot patterns that keep people stuck in life.

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Neuro-limbic Conditioning Level 2

Neuro Limbic Conditioning - Level 2

During Quantum Trainer Level 2 you will continue to build on the powerful tool kit you learned at level 1 where we dive deeper into advancements in quantum physics, neuroscience, cardio neurology, practical psychology and more. You’ll begin to understand how the quantum model of science affects a person’s ongoing success.

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Packages Available

Neuro-limbic Conditioning Level 3

Neuro Limbic Conditioning - Level 3

Quantum Trainer Level 3 is about helping you to become the best coach you can be. We delve into the science of energy medicine, universal laws, how to read mental and emotional patterns quickly, mastering how to read people through body language and posture as well as how to develop into a highly sought after specialist coach.

From $5,497
Packages Available

Imagine yourself as a respected and successful coach who is renowned for getting exceptional results with clients.

Learn from real coaches who have achieved amazing results with clients and built six and seven figure coaching businesses
Learn the most up-to-date models and techniques
Combines essential coaching knowledge with business information to support you in both the practical and administrative sides of coaching

Helping a fello

Are you wanting to become a coach or grow your current coaching abilities to a greater level?

Do you want to help more people or expand your own potential?
For the last decade I scoured the world looking for the best educators and leaders in their chosen fields to help me enhance my potential and create the life I know I was capable of living.

Although this was mainly an amazing experience, I was disappointed to attend multiple coaching certification courses that were almost carbon copies of each other, and being promoted as being “The Leaders in their field”. I was also heavily disappointed to learn after a few years of coaching that the info was outdated by around 40 years yet still being taught and promoted as “The Most advanced coaching courses”.
After working in the coaching industry for over a decade and seeing the repetition of outdate concepts and the industry as a whole struggling to keep up with the latest research in different fields including neuroscience, psychology, quantum theory, cosmology, behavioral therapy, biology just to name A few, I decided to create my own coaching course.

NeuroLimbic Conditioning is not just another outdated coaching or NLP course being sold as the latest or the best.

It has combined many of the most advanced sciences and tries to bridge the gap between the hard sciences, human behavior and is backed with results from working with some of the countries top performers in the business, sports and scientific community as well as working for thousands who have attended my personal events or have been privately coached by me.

I also wanted to create a coaching program that gave coaches and leaders the ability to expand and market their brands and businesses, having built a multi million dollar coaching business and being the coach called upon by some of the countries top business and sporting leaders, entrepreneurs and high performing teams.

This is not just another coaching or NLP course but something I have dedicated my life to creating and now its time to pass the baton onto others who want to become great coaches and leaders.

Michael Johnson
Founder of:
The Academy of Mind and Motivation®
The Mojo Master®
And NeuroLimbic Conditioning™

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